The Evils of The U.S Empire — The Anti Imperialist Chronicle Pt.1

Afghanistan 2017

‘US foreign policy is straight out of the mafia’ — Naom Chomsky

In this series I intend to debunk the myths and reveal the secrets of a nation founded upon the mass genocide of aboriginal people, built on the backs of African slaves and the unending quest for profit at the cost of millions of human lives.

‘Genocide’ is a invidious word that officials apply to cases of victimization in enemy states, but rarely ever to similar or worse cases of victimization in their own country or allied regimes — Tristan Graham

Today, the United States is the foremost proponent of recolonization and the leading antagonist of revolutionary change throughout the world. Regardless of empirical evidence, there’s a myth that permeates the air of mainstream discourse which claims the United States of Amerikkka to be the a saint amongst a world of evil, under the guise of ‘ bringing democracy to the world’.

After their emergence from World War II relatively unscathed ( due to their geographical position) and superior to all other industrials countries in wealth, productivity and military might, the United States became the foremost purveyor and guardian of imperialism & global capitalism. The size of the financial investments and military force used to maintain their global dominance completely obliterates all other empires prior to them, i.e Great Britain in the 19th century and Rome during antiquity.

A Global Military Empire

Today the US military budget is $740,000,000,000. The closest world power to the US is China at $250,000,000,000. If we were to add all the countries with the largest military budgets, there would still be a great gap between themselves and the US.

A small reminder that it would take a fraction of that amount (7$- $265billion) to end world hunger.

Unfortunately for the world, the US exercises its power only for the preservation of the international capitalist system and the hegemony of the US system — which causes world hunger and poverty. They maintain this system in order to carry out their war crimes without fear of recompense. However to maintain its precious image the US utilizes its greatest tool to manufacture support and consent for the most heinous of crimes.

Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies — Julian Assange

Propaganda campaigns are carried out on the eve of a great genocide. The chronic focus from the media is always set on the plight of Soviet dissidents, on enemy killings in Cambodia, ‘undemocratic’ countries i.e Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Grenada, and what they need to do to save their fellow human beings. These false narratives are used to justify huge arms deals and more aggressive foreign policy. The recent propaganda- disinformation attacks on China have been needed to avert the eyes from the savagery of the wars in Afghanistan,Iraq, Iran, Pakistan (2017), Somalia and to also justify escalating US investment (militarily and monetarily) in counterrevolution to the aforementioned countries and their continents. The hypothesis advance by the propaganda model — excluded from the debate as unthinkable — is that in dealing with American wars, the media outlets are ‘unbiased’ ,’unmindful’ but highly ‘patriotic’. These kinds of sentiments align perfectly to the Washington and corporate elite ideal of media as it conforms to their ideal journalistic-literary-political culture.

What do US soldiers fight for?

US Soldiers are sent in to protect the profits and interests of the aristocracy i.e the ruling class — Tristan Graham

In the mainstream news media — which is owned and controlled by a handful of oligarchs and plutocrats — you might begin to rationalize the genocide of millions of unknown people. I have seen great minds fall prey to the ideations of CNN and Fox News, myself included. However, the next time ‘our’, ‘ your’, ‘their’ oil in the Middle East is in jeopardy, we might recall that relatively few among us own oil stock or even know anything that happens on the stock market. The common rebuttal to this is ‘we live in a economy dependent on oil, if we don’t fight them for it, they will refuse to sell it to us’ — which is totally nonsensical. Supposedly, the world should believe that oil rich countries would prefer to drive the US into the arms of competing producers and ruin their own livelihood by denying themselves the billions of dollars they are guaranteed to earn on the North American market? — Utter nonsense. The reality of the situation is, nations that acquire control of their own resources would never act so strangely. Vietnam, Cuba, Libya, North Korea would be happy to have access to the North American markets, selling at prices equal and more reasonable than those offered by giant multinationals. When Third World peoples, through nationalization, revolution and or both , take control of their oil, sugar, copper, tin, or other resources, it does not hurt the interest of the U.S working populace. It solely hurts the interests of multinational conglomerates that profit handsomely from Third Worldization.

What was/is the most evil empire on earth?

For the novice it is the Roman Empire. If you google the question above, you’ll see a host of empires with the Mongolian Empire at the spearhead. Although Genghis Khan or The Great Khan alongside his Mongolian empire racked up millions of deaths while conquering lands, they’re still nowhere close to the US.

In the modern era, the need to occupy land physically is no longer profitable. There are more profitable ways to conquer and demolish countries without outright war and even with the declaration of outright war, the empire and the war are funded by the taxpayers but the spoils/riches of war are taken by the oligarchs/1% . Modern imperialism and neo-colonization use foreign policy, embargos, sanctions, blockades, drone strikes, coup d’etats, foreign direct investment, IMF austerity programmes and humanitarian aid as means of indirect control and are all aspects of maintaining the interests of the empire.

Since its inception the US has directly been involved in 93 wars in an attempt to bring democracy to the world. Currently they have 5 directly ongoing and many other indirect wars outside of the mainstream periphery, i.e Israel and Palestine or Saudi Arabia and Yemen etc. To further my point, I will list just a few of the wars crimes committed by the most evil empire on earth.

From August 6, 1945 — August 9,1945 the United States detonated the first atomic bombs in history on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.In just 3 days, it estimated to have claimed the lives of up to 226,000 civilians.

1899–1902 Philippine- American War — 200,000 civilians dead, overall death toll approx. 1 million.

1950–1953 Korean War — 130,000 civilian deaths

1955–75 Vietnam War — 211,000 civilian deaths

2001- present — Afghanistan War — 110,000 Afghan people massacred while constantly bombing 40 million innocent Afghan people for 20 years.

2003–2011 — Iraq War — 36,000 civilian deaths.

These unfortunately are only some of the more notable atrocities. The anti-imperialist stance doesn’t just end with the military but rather the parasitic nature of the empire itself. The US national security state has participated in covert or proxy mercenary wars against reformist and revolutionary govts in — Peru, Nicaragua,Lebanon, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Yemen, Afghanistan, Angola, Mozambique, Iran, Jamaica, Syria, Cambodia, Haiti,Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and elsewhere.

In spite of US military superiority and geographical prowess, the US since World War II have invaded and launched aerial assaults in — Vietnam, Laos, Grenada, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, North Korea and Yugoslavia. This illustrates a level of unmatched military aggression by any of the imperial or communist governments in world history.

The arrogance and brutality of empire are not replaced when they temporarily get deployed in a just cause — Michael Kazin

Governments which have strived for economic independence or anti capitalist policies have been met with the wrath of the US empire. These countries no matter how democratically elected they have been, are quickly overthrown. For example, the anti colonial government of the Congo under Patrice Lumumba,Social Democracy in Jamaica under Michael Manley, Christian Socialist government in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas, Marxist government in Cuba, the Islamic revolutionary order in Libya under Mu’ammar Qaddafi.

After reading these examples, think to yourself which one of these third world countries could ever topple the US military. In 1983, the US invaded Grenada — a population of 110,000 — to overthrow the democratically elected Maurice Bishop under the Reaganite govt, with the use of ‘Operation Urgent Fury’. In typical imperialist fashion, the US justified the invasion ( regardless of violating international law) by saying it was a rescue mission on behalf of the American students whose safety was threatened at the St.Georges Medical School.

To conclude this the first chronicle of ‘The Evil Empire’, I’d like to stake my claim in simplistic terms. The overall goal of the US empire is to preserve the Third Worldization of the entire world including Europe and North America. They would like a world in which capital rules supreme with no labor unions, no prosperous, literate, political and well organized working class with expectations; no pension or health care plans, no environmental constraints, no consumer or occupational protections, basically they don’t want anything that will cut into their profits. That is the ultimate goal of both the Republican and the Democratic party of the United States.

To be continued……



Pan Africanist. Author. Writer. Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow!

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Tristan Graham

Pan Africanist. Author. Writer. Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow!